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Play Safe Trauma Kit

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Play Safe Trauma Kit

Play Safe Trauma Kits were created to serve the Motorsports community. Our first release is a kit designed for sand, dirt and rock enthusiasts. The kit is compact in size, measuring 8" x 6" x 5" making it easy to stow on your ride. What makes Play Safe trauma kits unique? This is not your typical "boo-boo" first aid kit filled with bandaids and gauze!! The kit was designed by a surgical RN, with the intention to give the average person tools needed to be able to help another person in their time of need. Watch for our snow and pet kits to be released later this year!

We are offering a Lifetime replacement of contents within the kit if used to save another person. You will need to register your kit upon purchase; see the Trauma Kit Registration page. What do we ask for as proof that you helped a fellow recreationist?
  • A testimonial of what you used and how it helped the person with permission for us to use your testimonial on our website. 
  • A picture of the scene, or of the victim(s) in stable or recovered state with permission to use on our website if you want to share (this is optional).
  • A list of items used 
Replacement items will be mailed to you free of charge.

Exceptions: we will not replace expired products that have not been used.

Kit Contents
Qty.     Description
1           Trauma Bag
1           Trauma Shears
1           Tourniquet
1           Flat splint
1           Compression bandage
4           Gloves (ea.)
1           CPR mask
1           Emergency mylar blanket
1           Stainless steel tweezers
1           Duct tape pocket size
2           Saline eye pods
2           Burn cream with Lidocaine
2           Ibuprofen 200 mg tablet packet
2           Acetaminophen 1000 mg tablet packet
2           Benadryl 25 mg tablet packet
2           Aspirin 325 mg tablet packet
1           Oral glucose packet 1.2 oz
2           Triple antibiotic ointment packet
2           Hydrocortisone anti-itch cream packet
2           Ammonia ampule
2           Celox quick clot granules
1           Cold pack 4" x 5"
1           Chapstick
2           Finger/toe buddy wrap
2           Eye patch
8           Bandaids flexible
2           Gauze cover sponge 4" x 4"
1           Steri-strips 1/2" x 4" package
1           Ace wrap 4" x 15'
1           Coban 2" x 5 yd.
4           Alcohol swabs
1           Surgical tape 1" x 10 yd.

Play Safe Trauma KitThe contents shown are contained within the lower compartment of the Trauma Kit

Play Safe Trauma KitThe contents shown are contained within the upper compartment of the Trauma Kit

Play Safe Trauma KitPlay Safe Trauma Kit

The pictures below are from accident scenes Vanessa has been on and assisted with. These victims recovered well and are still active members of the sport today!

Play Safe Trauma Kits 

UTV roll over St. Anthony Idaho Play Safe trauma kit

Play Safe Trauma Kits

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