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RZR 900 Sniper turbo
The Ragged Edge Performance Sniper Series turbo kit is now available for purchase. Call for pricing details and kit options.

Ragged Edge Performance built their RZR turbo systems for all around playing. If the hills are your thing… it will do it, forest service roads or off-road trails….. it will do it, snow…. it will do that too and sand for sure!!!
The kit was designed to be versatile and allow for the fun of having a turbo without the worry of can I run it there or is it reliable?!! 

  • Bolt on turbo systems for Polaris RZR 900 and 1000
  • No motor mods needed
  • Pump gas turbo system (7 PSI)
  • Designed to fit un the stock RZR plastics and still have full function of the RZR bed
  • Smooth consistent power - No turbo lag
  • Clutch kit included 
  • Boost sensing fuel controller by Dobeck Performance - dyno tuning is not needed
  • Boost gauge included
  • Muffler system for quietness (the stock muffler is used on 1K applications)

Call us at (406) 560-1478 with further questions

RZR 900 Turbo kit
RZR 900 Sniper turbo kit
Price: $3,299.00
RZR 1K Turbo kit
RZR 1K Sniper turbo kit
Price: $4,299.00

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