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700 Raptor Sniper Turbo Kits  

700 turbo Raptors
Ragged Edge Performance is going to offer a new option for our "Do It Yourself" customers! In the coming weeks we will be posting individual turbo components that you can purchase, rather than a complete kit for your convenience. We hope that this allows those who are or plan to build a kit an option to obtain just the parts they are needing.
The Sniper turbo system for Yamaha Raptor 700's is now available for purchase!

Kit Details and Info for 700 Raptor: 

We manufacture a clean, factory appearing kit, you will not be disappointed with the end fit and finish.

NO Turbo lag, smooth and consistent power all the way through

Dune friendly turbo....... not just a hill shooter, but not to be underestimated..... The kit speaks for itself!

Direct Drive standard lockout included

No motor mods needed

Boost sensing controller box

Inter-cooled system - Large Bell intercooler

Liquid filled boost gauge

Upgraded BOV

Pre-filter included

High-grade silicone joiners and T-bolt clamps for the boost tubes

Easy install with basic shop tools, about 6-8 hours 
Instruction manual included (You do NOT need a dyno to tune)

Only need to drill 2 new holes to relocate oil tank and tap 1 

Can return the ATV to stock at anytime

This kit comes with a 12 month guarantee for any part included in the turbo kit that fails - with proper maintenance and care 
E-mail Tony@raggededgeperformance.com for further details and pricing

We ship worldwide - e-mail for shipping information

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the kit work with a PC3 or any other aftermarket cam?
A: Nope!! The kit at this time works the best with the stock cam

Q: What is the most boost I can run with the dual injector kit?
A: The most boost you can Safely run is 15lbs with 110 race fuel and an air fuel gauge to keep an eye on things

Q: Do I need to take the bike to a Dyno to get it tuned?
A: Nope! Thats the nice thing about the kit is that you can tune the bike on the fly; no need for down loading maps (An air fuel gauge makes this process easier) 

Q: What else do I need to complete the kit?
A: If your bike is bone stock you need nothing, the kit comes complete right down to the zip ties. The kit comes with a full instructions, and can be installed in about 6-8 hours with basic hand tools 

Q: What if some thing goes wrong with the kit?
A: If that happens Ragged Edge Performance stands 100% behind the kit's, Also I try to make my self available on weekends because that is when we use our toys and may have questions 
And the kits are covered by the 1 year warranty of course

I encourage anyone that is looking to do a turbo build to do it in steps. Take your time get to know the kit, and the power it can make before you start to mod the bike up. It may just surprise you on how well they run right from the box and that might be all your looking for. The kit is super reliable on a bone stock raptor and makes really good power. There are kits out there with 3-6 years on them with zero issues on bone stock bikes.

Remember the more mods you do to it the more you will be working on it - nothing comes easy as you ramp up the power. You also will ramp up the maintenance as well. But that is what is to be expected when pushing the envelope.
gotboost D7 turbo kits for Raptor 700's

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